"...the rhythm and poise with which the members of Jo Henley write and perform is exquisite. Touches of Robbie Robertson and the Band and all who followed in their footsteps echo throughout this collection. The range is beautiful. The lyrics and melodies have a very familiar feel throughout, as if we have dear friends in all these songs—a rare gift indeed." The Noise in review of Jo Henley's latest record The Fall Comes Early.


Join the JH mailing list and get a free download of a live version of "The Fire."

Around These Parts is HERE!! 

Dear friends,

On Monday we officially released our brand-new studio album, Around These Parts. You can purchase your copy on CD by going here. In addition, through this Friday, we are offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of the whole album in high-quality digital format. (If you are a cereal-box reader when it comes to album art and lyrics and/or prefer your music in a more tangible format--guilty as charged, I am--then you will want to pick up a hard copy; this is our most elaborate CD packaging to date.)

Last December, we packed up our instruments and a couple suitcases and headed to Upstate NY to start laying down tracks with longtime producer Tim Lynch of The Recording Company. We had some songs we really liked and a general theme, but unlike previous albums, these were not songs we were overly familiar with or knew precisely how we wanted them to sound. But that made it exciting. We wanted to be surprised and see where the muse took us. In my head, though, this was always supposed to be a winter (or wintry) record, something to listen to on those cold days that are short on daylight and make you want to cook stew and sip wine or a cup of coffee and spin vinyl and dig deep into a good long book. Ben and I had been listening to a lot of old folk-country records, like Waylon and Johnny and Jerry Jeff Walker--we wanted our songs to set a mood and tell stories. The characters in these 10 new songs are on journeys--always figuratively, as we all are, but in many cases literally too. Characters who have lived life. Hardened folks. Good people who live simple lives that haven't always panned out. I love these characters. I know some of them well. We all do. 

The first track borrows its title from Jack Kerouac's On the Road. These are road songs; roads that promise to lead somewhere better, but often fall short. Most importantly, though we romantically tell ourselves otherwise, roads do not go on forever. All roads end. 

This record was incredibly fun to make, and we are equally as proud of how it turned out. A lot of talented people put a lot of hard work, time, money, and love into this one, and I think it shows. Bassist Tony Markellis is back once again, as is past full-time JH band member and current frequent guest Jordan Santiago on fiddle and mandolin. We also are thrilled to share with our fans the beautiful voice of the immensely talented Hayley Sabella, a dynamite singer-songwriter in her own right. And of course Tim Lynch lends his keyboard talents throughout the record.

I have quite easily listened to this record hundreds of times from front to back over the past 6 months, in various stages of completeness, and I still am not tired of hearing it. I love these characters, their stories, the way the record sounds sonically, our friends who guested on it, and I had a whole lot of fun putting together the artwork and 12-page booklet that goes with it.

So, for the next couple of days, you will be able to download FOR FREE Around These Parts in its entirety on our Music page. If you are inclined to offer a donation, that would be very much appreciated, or better yet, pick up a "real" copy on CD. But more than anything we just want as many people to listen to this record as possible. So…listen and SHARE! 

Help us get this music out there! And check out the attached track, "The Last Monkey Maker."

Andy & JH



Nowhere to Go But Everywhere
The Last Monkey Maker
Bayley-Hazen Road
Deep in the Dirt
Wait Till May
Follow My Light
One More Night
Route 81
Around These Parts

Andy Campolieto (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica)
Ben Lee (electric and acoustic guitar, dobro, banjo)
Mike Dingley (drums)
Tony Markellis (electric and acoustic bass)

Guest musicians:
Hayley Sabella (vocals on "Deep in the Dirt" and "Wait Till May")
Jordan Santiago (violin, mandolin)
Tim Lynch (keyboards, percussion)

Produced by Tim Lynch and Jo Henley
Recorded and mixed by TIm Lynch at The Recording Company, Esperance, NY.
Assistant engineer: Rick Sullivan
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

All songs written by Andy Campolieto, except "Bayley-Hazen Road" and "Route 81": music by Ben Lee and Andy Campolieto

Around These Parts -- Boston CD Release Party! 

Dear friends,

A BIG, warm thank-you to all who came out to our CD release party last week at the The Spire for our new live album Jo Henley Live at The Spire. It was an exciting night with some of our favorite musicians and collaborators joining us, and better yet our good friends at Four String Films captured a bunch of it on video, so look for that very soon.

In the meantime, we are just a few days way from the release of our brand-new studio album we've been diligently working on for the past year, Around These Parts. This one is going to be special, folks. A lot of talented people put a lot of hard work into this, and from a songwriting standpoint I can honestly say that this ranks among the finest stuff the guys and I have ever written and recorded. I will share more details over the weekend, including sneak previews, pre-sale info, tracklisting, etc., but until then, all you need to know is that on Sunday, November 23, we will make our debut at Atwood's Tavern in Cambridge, MA, and celebrate the release of Around These Parts. This will be the very first time the new album will be available for purchase, so this is a very big deal for us. We are playing two sets starting at 9pm on the nose, and it's only $5 to get in. Not to mention, Atwood's is one of the finest venues to see roots/Americana music in this fine city of ours. So mark your calendars and come join us on Sunday, November 23!

See you there!

Andy & JH

JO HENLEY LIVE AT THE SPIRE CD -- Available NOW!!! Podcast

UPDATE: Our brand-new Jo Henley Live at The Spire record is HERE. Those of you who ordered a pre-sale copy, it has been mailed and should be at your doorstep any day now, if it hasn't arrived already.

We will have copies on sale for the first time at our our Jo Henley Live at The Spire CD release party, which will be take place on Friday, November 7 at, appropriately enough, The Spire. (Visit their website and reserve your tickets today!) It was a pleasure to work with Mark Bryant again, who recorded and produced it, and we are all really excited to share it with the world.

Here is the track list:

Inside Out
The Fire
Gonna Make it Right
Bayley-Hazen Road
Save the Last Dance for Us
Clinton's Ditch
Mohawk > Over the Pine Plains
Promised Paradise
Voyeur Love
Sad Songs and Alcohol

You can order Jo Henley Live at the Spire on CD for $15, which includes shipping, and which also comes with an immediate digital download. Or, if you prefer just a digital download, you can purchase it for $10 on our Music page.

In celebration of the occasion, click below for a free download of "The Fire." We hope to see you all there at our CD Release Show on Friday, November 7!!!


  1. The Fire

"Jo Henley Live at The Spire" 

Exciting news!

On June 21, we had the wonderful opportunity to play to a full house at the gorgeous new performing arts center in downtown Plymouth, MA, called The Spire, and have the whole show recorded by producer and friend Mark Bryant for a future live album release. It was an incredible evening on a beautiful summer night, and we couldn't be happier that it was captured and can be shared with our fans who have been clamoring for a live album from us for years.

Well, the time has finally arrived to unveil "Jo Henley Live at The Spire" and celebrate its release with a return to The Spire on Friday, November 7! We will have some special guests joining us, including the incomparable Tony Markellis on bass, as well as a few other surprises to help create another memorable night at The Spire. And, of course, we will have copies of the new CD, hot off the presses!

Mark your calendars and reserve your tickets today!

The String Benders open the show. Music starts promptly at 8pm.

Where's Summer B.? 

Happy August, friends!

I've had the Ben Folds Five song "Where's Summer B.?" stuck in my head all day. Probably because, although it is still August, and my tomato plants are just hitting their stride, there has ever-so-gradually been a crispness creeping into the air, as if to remind us that, alas, summer is winding down.

But it's not gone yet. There are still warm days remaining on the calendar. There are still many more cookouts ahead. And there is still plenty of music to be made before it's all said and done.

On June 21, Summer Solstice, Jo Henley kicked off this way-too-short season with a hugely successful show at The Spire, downtown Plymouth's beautiful new performing arts center. The whole concert was recorded for a live album--cleverly titled Jo Henley Live at The Spire--and in the weeks since we have been working with Mark Bryant to get that finished, mixed, duplicated, and ready for the world to hear. We feel this is a great and accurate representation of what a live Jo Henley show is. The song is always the focus, the centerpiece, but there is also plenty of extended jamming, improvisation, and risk-taking. You guys are going to dig it.

In the meantime, we are also putting in the final mixing stages of our new studio album Around These Parts, which we have been working on with Tim Lynch for much of this year. I just received a fresh set of mixes yesterday and was ecstatic with that I heard. This one is going to kill. We took our time and really tried to make sure each song is a gem. Whether or not we succeed is, I suppose, up to the public to decide. But we know we made a strong record, and most importantly, we loved making it. In the end, that's all that really matters to us!

So, sort of unexpectedly, here we are with TWO new albums waiting in the wings, all set to be released this fall! It's incredibly exciting. I have listened to each album about a bazillion times and still aren't sick of them; quite the opposite, in fact--which is saying a lot. These two records represent some of the best stuff we have ever done and we are thrilled to share them with you soon, soon, soon.

We have two big shows coming up this month that we want to remind you about. The first is this Saturday evening, August 23, at the Plymouth Waterfront Festival. It's an all-day event, with food, arts and crafts, music, and lots of other activities for the whole family. We are the headliner and will play from 5:45-7:30pm. Come on down to Plymouth this weekend and check it out--and be sure to stick around for our set!

Then next week, Friday, August 29, we return to one of our favorite venues on the planet, Caffe Lena, in Saratoga Springs, close to my hometown. Summer doesn't officially wave goodbye until late September, but Labor Day weekend is what most of us consider the end of the season, so it feels entirely appropriate that we bookend what has been an outstanding summer for the band with a two-set show at Caffe Lena. We have joining us bassist Tony Markellis for the occasion, as well as our friend and former bandmate Jordan Santiago, who will be sitting in with us on fiddle and mandolin.

Caffe Lena is a special place. We hope to see as many familiar faces, and hopefully new ones too, that can fit in that room. We have a few surprises in store for the occasion, including the debut of a bunch of new material, and we will even be dipping into the Jo Henley catalog and dusting off a few songs that we haven't played in a while.

This is an important show for us. Be sure to reserve your tickets today by going here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/734675

And & JH


Jo Henley Live at The Spire 

Dear friends,

First things first:  We want to extend our sincere thanks to all who came out to Club Passim last Monday night! It was such an awesome crowd, engaged from the first note of "Inside Out" to the last note of "The Great Depression"--what else can you ask for in an audience than that?

You know what else was awesome? Watching a room full of people who had never before seen Hayley Sabella perform held captive, and instantly won over, by her masterful songwriting, unassuming charm, and gift-from-God voice. She's hardly a secret anymore--she's making huge strides in her young career already--and it's all well-deserved. Hayley was also  kind enough to jump on stage with us and sing with me on the two songs she guests on on our upcoming studio album, "Deep in the Dirt" and "Wait Till May."

Having old friend Jordan Santiago back with us after close to 4 years was incredibly fun too--and nostalgic, I gotta say. When we made up the setlist before the show, I knew there were certain songs that I, perhaps selfishly, wanted to hear, songs that we'd played so many times on countless tours, on countless stages, in the years during his tenure in the band, and I was really looking forward to reliving those moments: the mandolin flourishes of "The Fire," the razor-sharp and anxiety-filled fiddle in "Inside Out," the big violin solo in "Holly," to name a few, not to mention the interplay with Ben's lead guitar throughout the set. Jordan's a busy guy these days, lending his chops to multiple bands and projects, but he's got an open invite to join us whenever his schedule allows, so you can expect to see (and hear) him at some upcoming shows. Including this one below....

The day after our Cub Passim show, Mark Bryant, who recorded and produced our album Mohawk, asked me if we were interested in playing a show on Saturday, June 21, at The Spire in Plymouth? Free show, he said, and best of all, he would record the whole thing professionally and we would release it as a live album later this summer. Were we on board?

Does a bear...well, you get the idea.

And so...

You are cordially invited to join Jo Henley for a very special FREE concert on Saturday, June 21 at 7pm, at the beautiful new Spire Center for Performing Arts in downtown Plymouth, MA. The entire two-set show will be recorded by Mark Bryant of Seasound Recording Studio.

We will have Jordan joining us again, as well as a couple of other guests, as we perform songs spanning our entire catalog, from our debut EP Long Way Home to our upcoming studio album Around These Parts--and yes, there will be plenty of jamming, which is what many of you who see us live have come to expect from us. I know that bands say this all the time, but we've never meant it more than we do now: this will be a night you won't want to miss!

This amazing venue, The Spire, is a former Methodist church built in 1886 that has been completely renovated and turned into a modern, world-class music and arts center, with a full recording studio, while still retaining all of its old-world historic and architectural charm. In just a few short months of its opening, The Spire has hosted performances by popular local artists and good friends of ours Jake Hill and Hayley Sabella, as well as folk legends Tom Rush and Dave Mallett, among others.

Admission to the show is absolutely free, and wine, beer, and other refreshments will be available for purchase.

We need your help, though. June 21 is coming up fast, and we want as many of you there as can possibly fit. A live show is only as good as the crowd's energy. So I hope you will spread the word, tell all your friends, pack the room, and be part of creating a magical evening!

Andy & JH



Wait Till May 

On Monday, moved by the emotional weight of this year's Boston Marathon after all that took place last year, and feeling a bit detached having spent the day away from my adopted hometown for the first time in 13 years--albeit for a good reason: studio time to work on the new album--I decided to post a close-to-done-but-still-unfinished song off our upcoming album on my facebook page and the Jo Henley facebook page called "Wait Till May."

The bluest of our new songs, "Wait Till May" is a reflection on last year's bombing and what it felt like to live in Boston during that time. It opens with the narrator--me, it's fairly safe to presume--wakes up in the middle of the night only to learn that there is a manhunt underway and the city is on lockdown.(Here's what I wrote last April about that day, the days leading up to it, and the days following.) I do not usually write topical songs, but this one flowed; I didn't have much of a choice but to embrace the flow. One of the gifts of being a songwriter is that I have an outlet to deal with moments or periods of struggle and tension. It's not foolproof--I still keep things bottled up, just as we all do from time to time--but I imagine that having a tangible way to process troubling moments is, well, better than not. "Wait Till May" was my therapy. I just so happen to have amazingly talented friends and bandmates and, in this case, guest musicians, to help me turn my therapy into soundscapes.

"Wait Till May," in addition to Ben on electric guitar and me on vocals and acoustic guitar, features the beautiful vocals of Hayley Sabella and the sublime violin work of an old friend, Jordan Santiago. Jordan needs no introduction to most of you reading this. He brings his effortless talents to this track, as well as several others on the upcoming record. And as for Hayley, if you think she sounds amazing on "Wait Till May," then you are in for a real treat when you eventually hear another new one called "Deep in the Dirt." We are beyond thrilled to have both of them on the record.

Speaking of Hayley Sabella, she will be joining us for a very special evening on June 2 at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. She will play a set of her own before we hit the stage, and we of course will invite her up there to play some songs with us. And Jordan will also be sitting in with us too, which is not only super exciting (and nostalgic) for us, but I know is welcome news to all our fans. Seriously, you do not want to miss this show. I will post more info about our Club Passim performance soon, but in the meantime, circle your calendars, call your babysitters, invite your friends--this is going to be a special night of music.

In the meantime, you can catch us here:

Friday, May 2--The Banner--Rockland, MA. 8pm
Saturday, May 10--Mocha Maya's--Shelburne Falls, MA. 8pm
Saturday, May 17--T-Bones Roadhouse--Plymouth, MA. Noon.
Monday, June 2--Club Passim--Cambridge, MA. 8pm.

See you down the road...
Andy & JH



February 4, 2014

Hello friends!

Lots of good Jo Henley news to share! First and foremost, our new album, tentatively titled Around These Parts, is well underway. We've had two big, productive sessions in Upstate New York with Tim Lynch at The Recording Company and are just about done with all the basic tracks. So far, we're pumped. This is going to be an excellent record. I am often asked what this one will be like. Truthfully, that's hard for me to answer right now. Making a record is a little like a painter who paints with his nose close to a huge canvas, and it's only when he steps back that he can really take it all in and see the whole picture, so to speak. That's sort of how we feel right now. We're too close to it to be able to say exactly how the final product will turn out.

Going into this project, I was inspired by one of my favorite records, Waylon Jennings' Dreaming My Dreams. I love most all of his records from the '70s, but this one in particular is special. Waylon was the quintessential outlaw, with the beard and the cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth and the deep voice and the bluster. Like Paul Bunyan with a Telecaster. But Dreaming My Dreams is quiet and soothing and sparse, and my copy on vinyl sounds...well, it sounds just how a good old vinyl record should sound. And it always makes me think of winter. So, as fall began to slowly give way to winter, and fallen leaves were being replaced by fallen snow, I found myself wanting to write songs that sound like that record, and silent fields of snow, and crackling fireplaces, and hearty stews slow-cooking all day on the stove to warm us on cold nights. Ben is a Waylon fan, too, so it wasn't hard to dig in and try to capture the essence of what our version of that record, and the beautiful bleakness of winter, might be.

Of course, blueprints are made to be broken (or something like that!) Around These Parts may have been inspired by Ol' Waylon, but it sounds distinctly like a Jo Henley album, with our style and sensibilities and musical fingerprints everywhere. It is colorful and ambitious, full of story-songs and characters down on their luck yet always full of hope that life gets better right around the corner.

There will be 10 new songs, special guests joining us on a few tunes, and it will all be pressed onto 180 gram vinyl, because it only makes sense that it should. Yes, we will also have CDs available and digital downloads, but this felt like a batch of songs destined to spin on a turntable.

In two weeks we return for another big session, which should wrap up the basic tracks. We expect to be mixing next month and get it out to be pressed by late April.

If you have seen us in the past couple months, you've probably met our newest member of the Jo Henley family, bassist Kyle Stephens. A native of Scituate, MA, and a member of a local Grateful Dead cover band called The Mystical Misfits, Kyle brings his chops, his cool demeanor, and his sense of humor to Jo Henley. We are excited to have him aboard, so please be sure to say hello and introduce yourself when you see him at our shows!

In the meantime, here is a video we recently acquired from our friend Brad Glass, who took this when we played at The Blue Moon Coffeehouse in Rockland, MA, last December. Our buddy and bassist from our pre-Jo Henley days Kurt Jorgensen is joining us on bass for the occasion. Enjoy!

We have a few very special announcements to make very soon, so stay tuned....